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Arctic Red River (Tsiigèhnjik)

Arctic Red River (Tsiigèhnjik), Northwest Territories
River of the Gwichya Gwich'in
Designated 1993

The Arctic Red River (Tsiigèhnjik) offers limitless wilderness experiences to adventurers ready to take on the challenge of this wild land. Unlike many mountain rivers, the Arctic Red flows placidly for much of its course. Its valley, framed by high mountains, provides rich habitat for Dall's sheep, caribou, grizzly bear and peregrine falcon. The river's watershed is homeland for the Gwich'in people. At its confluence with the Mackenzie is the village of Arctic Red River (Tsiigèhtchic). Once the site of a Roman Catholic mission, it is now a native community where ancient traditions of living with the land blend with modern lifestyles.

Arctic Red River (Tsiigèhnjik) - Photo
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