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Humber River

Humber River, Ontario
Wild in the City
Designated 1999


The 100 km Humber River has its headwaters in the ancient rock of the Niagara Escarpment and the glacial hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine. It flows placidly through a rich mosaic of Carolinean forests and meadows, past farms and abandoned mills, before meandering through the largest urban area in Canada, metropolitan Toronto. Here, the Humber is in the backyard of more than three million people, a unique river that flows through the most densely populated area of Canada but still retains many of its natural and cultural values.

Humber River - Photo
The river is being protected and restored as a vibrant ecosystem with the help of many individuals, groups and agencies who share a common vision of a healthy Humber. A unique system of greenways along its course maintains the spirit of the historic Toronto Carrying Place Trail, and provides an urban oasis. Brook trout still thrive in its clear headwaters. Its wetlands still ring with the choruses of birds and frogs. The Humber shows us that, with a caring attitude, we can have development, and a diverse, vibrant river.    Area Map Fact Sheet