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Rideau Waterway

Rideau Waterway, Ontario
Designated 2000


The Rideau Waterway stretches 202 kilometers through a chain of lakes, rivers and canals, linking Canada’s capital, Ottawa, to the historic city of Kingston on Lake Ontario. It leads paddlers not only through some of the most picturesque countryside in eastern Ontario, but also on a voyage through history.

Rideau Waterway - Photo

The Rideau Waterway, built over a six-year period, from 1826 to 1832, is the oldest continuously operating canal in North America. It was built as part of a military defence system of Upper Canada (now Ontario); a supply route that is out-of-range of American cannons. Peace reigns along the Rideau today, where one finds a wonderful mix of wildlife, city life, and country life. Here the past and present, nature and culture, all come together in a unique melding – just the recipe for an unforgettable Canadian Heritage River experience.


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