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Seal River

Seal River, Manitoba
Through the “Land of Little Sticks”
Designated 1992


Named for the harbour seals (normally marine creatures) that are found up to 200 km upstream from Hudson Bay, Manitoba's Seal River rushes through open spruce forest, tundra, and endless, boiling rapids. Too rugged for even the early fur traders, the river's remote vastness remains home to spectacular wildlife such as caribou, wolverine, polar bear and 3,000 beluga whales that summer in its estuary on Hudson Bay.

Seal River - Photo
Magnificent eskers, some over 100 km long, crisscross this pristine and powerful waterway, providing river travellers with dramatic views, and easy passage for the 400,000 strong Kaminuriak caribou herd. The Sayisi Dene, descendants of the people who assisted Samuel Hearne on his historic overland trek to the Arctic coast, continue their ancestors' traditional use and reverence of the river. One of Canada's wildest wilderness rivers. Area Map Fact Sheet