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Tatshenshini River

Tatshenshini River (Yukon)
"Shäwshe Chù"
Designated in 2004


Exhilarating rapids, canyons, soaring mountains, and unequalled opportunities to view big game – all combine to make the Tatshenshini a river of dreams. The river supports an unusually large population of grizzly bears, both in number and size. Other big game includes Dall's sheep, woodland caribou and moose, while peregrine falcons, bald eagles, golden eagles, goshawks soar overhead. The Tatshenshini is an important salmon spawning river, providing food for grizzlies, and for people. The Champagne and Aishinhik peoples traditionally harvested salmon along the Tatshenshini, and at the village of Klukshu, visitors can learn about the importance of salmon to their way of life, how they caught salmon with fish traps and gaffs, and dried them as a winter food staple. Today, the Tatshenshini is considered to be one of the top river trips in the world for rafters and kayakers.

Tatshenshini River - Photo

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