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The Thirty Mile (Yukon River)

Yukon River, The Thirty Mile Section, Yukon
River of Gold
Designated 1991


The Thirty Mile, a section of the Yukon River between Lake Laberge and the Teslin River, is a rich hunting and fishing area for its original inhabitants, the Ta'an Kwach’an (People of the Flat Lake Place). For the captains of the paddlewheelers who plied the Yukon, the Thirty Mile's swift waters and ever-shifting sand bars were a constant challenge. Many mighty sternwheelers were lost here. Native settlement sites, abandoned gold rush towns, the hulk of the S.S. Evelyn Norcom – what stories the waters of The Thirty Mile could tell of ancient spirits and legendary creatures, of gold-crazed prospectors headed north to the Klondike, of dreams won and lost.

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