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Governance of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System

The CHRS Board

The CHRS is administered by the Canadian Heritage Rivers Board, which is made up of private citizens and senior officials appointed by federal, provincial and territorial governments.

The Board is governed by a Charter, which details the Board's role in overseeing the development and operation of the program.

The 14-member Board reviews nominations and recommends whether nominated rivers meet the selection criteria to the federal Minister responsible for Parks Canada and to the provincial/territorial Minister of the nominating government. Find your Board member.


The CHRS Team

Three full-time CHRS staff work at Parks Canada’s Canadian Heritage Rivers Board Secretariat. A Technical Planning Committee also reports to the Board on planning-related matters (studies, monitoring, reporting, nominations, etc). This committee is made up of planners employed by the provincial and territorial agencies participating in the CHRS program.


The Ten-Year Strategic Plan The 2008-2018

The 2008-2018 Ten-Year Strategic Plan for the CHRS was approved by all federal, territorial and provincial Ministers responsible for the program. This plan, which is reviewed annually by the Board, sets over-arching goals and objectives for the program.

After a two-year hiatus on new nominations, the system is now in an expansion mode as we work towards completing the Canadian Heritage Rivers System by 2018.

Visit the CHRS blog for updates on new nominations and designations, or read more about how to nominate and designate a river near you.